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A reservation for a hotel was made through this company. I specifically asked prior to making the reservation as to what their cancellation policy was. I was told they don’t charge a cancellation fee but only pass on cancellation charges from the hotel. I made the reservation (out six months) and then 25 minutes later called back and cancelled it. I was told their would not be a cancellation fee. This was a lie. Their was a cancellation fee charged on my credit card of $318 (one nights stay). I contacted the company ( and I was told they are simply charging the fee they were charged by the hotel. I contacted the hotel and they advised that they do not charge any fee unless the cancellation is made within 24 hours. This booking was cancelled six months before the reserved date and therefore no fee. I contacted the Hotelresevations and advised them as to what the hotel policy is and they said they would refund the fee. They did not refund the fee. I contacted the American Express to dispute the fee. The stated that the fee was charged per their policy, that I was advised of their policy and accepted it. So they lied to me about their policy, then lied to AMEXP about advising me. Don’t use this company….they are lie and steal. Internet USA


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By Ronald

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