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I booked a days inn room. Received the pop up get $30 refund. found out it was a travel program. canceled the program the day I returned from my trip. nIF you do not keep track of your cancellation number you are screwed ,. as TA does not keep track of them. nI was billed by the company $11. I filed a dispute with JP CHASE. and got the funds returned. nI am a travel agent and advise any and all consumers, USE a TRAVEL AGENT. nI did a research program to see what would happen if I booked everything as a consumer and not as a travel agent booking for a client. To my surprise, I was inundated with offers, and bogus bonuses, all for a fee, to save money. NOTHING IS FREE OR DISCOUNTED for FREE. nI also recommend that you file a complaint with the FCC, your states attorneys office as well as the BBB and with Days Inn. MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT KNOWN. nI am a travel agent and yes it happens to us. As a Travel Agent, wanting to know what you the consumer experience, only insures the fact that I am not obsolete, and that my service is valuable and my service is FREE with NO GIMMICKS. nMarshall H, travel agentnSpringfield, IllinoisU.S.A.

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