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I received a notice in the mail said last notice was not for sure what this was for. I called the number waited the numbing 7 minutes on hold. The girl went thru the whole call said this was a travel agency. I never signed up for a travel agency not for sure where they got my info. I set up an apt. She said for myself and my husband to show up 10 minutes before the appointment. We would guarentee we would receive our plane tickets and our hotel 3 day 2 night stay any where in the contential us. She gave me another number to call to claim our 3rd prize. She said make sure to bring 2 forms of id a drivers liscense and a credit card. Not to bring any visitors or children. nI waited about 2 hours to call the other number I listened to the other girl go thru her script. She that it needed to be a valid credit card not a debit card. Not for sure why it needed to be a valid credit card since we had been told twice that we would not be purchasing anything. nAll sounds way to shady. I asked where the meeting would be held at usually these are held at a local hotel I pulled address up this at the Oakland Univeristy in Indianapolis. nNot like I was really going to this I like to listen to the scripts and see how much they can drag into these type of things.

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