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I was contacted online about Forex trading by a trader working for Tradeglowfx. After weeks of talking I decided to try it with an initial deposit of $100. Within a week the trade went from $100 to $5400. I was told that I needed to pay the 15% (810) commission in order to have my funds released. I paid the funds via bitcoin and during the time of transaction by initial bitcoin amount had decreased from $810 to $540. I was later told that I would have to pay the difference with after some hesitance I did. I was told that I was going to get my funds but after two weeks never did. I went to the company and they told me that I had to pay a trade tax of $450 and that I would get my funds immediately after I paid that. I paid the tax and then was told that the website was under maintenance and would get my funds released after the update. After four days I got an email saying that they were going to charge me an extra $200 for the website update. I refused to pay this fee as I was told that I would receive my funds after I paid the tax.

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By Ronald

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