Trade World Corporation Review


This canadian company is the scum of the earth. | Their ‘talk with lead’ / ‘talk with customer’ service is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!! | It will actually result in you LOSING customers. | Once you sign up with them it is a NIGHTMARE to leave/terminate. | We have tried to terminate the service for 2 WEEKS now with no result…..and they just chaged us AGAIN. | Once you email them to terminate, they will stone wall you, and ‘misunderstand’. | In order to terminate the service you have to go to a SPECIAL WEB PAGE and enter an ‘authorization’ code. | They will NEVER supply that code….lol. | Currently disputing this through the credit card company. | We have spent countless hours trying to end this, with no results so far. | NEVER SIGN UP WITH THESE SCUMBAGS!!!!!


  • Name: Trade World Corporation
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Mississauga, Ontario
  • Address: 20 Kingsbridge Garden Cir
  • Phone: 1 800-792-4060
  • Website:

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