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My dad booked through Ali three flights to India, two from Houston and one from NYC. The night before, he called Lufthansa and confirmed the reservation, even being able to change seats. When we arrived to the Houston airport, the Lufthansa rep at the counter told us that even though they had seats held for us on the plane, the reservation was voided that morning by the travel agency. The only person who could fix it was the travel agency and agent who voided it — Ali, at Trade Wings Travel in Chicago, IL. The first time we called, a woman picked up, and as soon as we explained to her what was going on, she hung up. We called back 100 times – literally- between my dad and myself. No answer. Hangups. Someone picking up and HANGING UP. We had six different numbers for Ali. We called all of them. We were able to leave messages on one of them. My dad had already been erroneously charged TWICE for the tickets but managed to get that fixed. Now he is OUT ALMOST FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS and we missed our trip to India to see our family member get married. Ali and Trade Wings should not be allowed to get away with this behavior. We are scraping money together to be able to go to India on ANOTHER TICKET. We are going to be LATE, and Ali will not return any calls. Contact us. Let’s file a joint lawsuit against this con-man. He should not be able to do business anymore.

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