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Trade View will give you the impression they are a legit forex investment platform. At first glance, everything looks okay, especially with their homepage However, after investing and actually depositing with the platform, that’s when things change. We have received several complaints from investors who made the mistake of signing up. Their experience with the platform indicates a withdrawal issue. It would be best if you found out all the red flags we found. Here’s the full and transparent TRADE VIEW Review.

An investor needs to indulge with proven investment options. You need to sign up with industry-leading platforms that professionals use to make ends meet. That’s why we have come up with a list of the best platforms for such cases. If you want to invest in a transparent platform safely, choose any of the listed options. You can choose coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding as innovative ways of investing.

About Trade View

Trade View Review

On their about us page, they claim to be an international investment platform. They go ahead and boast of having superior order execution with high server performance. Trade View focuses on risk mitigation, at least that’s what they say on paper.

Judging from the numerous complaints we have seen, risk mitigation is not their strong suit. In addition, the platform has a habit of denying members access to their accounts. And this is why most of them are angry with the platform.

What you need to know as an investor is the reliability of any investment platform. You need to conduct due diligence before committing funds to any platform. Unfortunately, that’s what investors fail to do and sign up just because of the promotional features.

Once you land on their homepage, you get to see a website with enticing imagery. Unfortunately, the website design is enough even to fool the normal investor and forex trader. But, thanks to our years of investing and trading, we know how to spot a scam a mile away.

Account registration process

It’s the first mistake you will make when signing up with the platform. Here’s why;

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The platform registration process is easy and straightforward. You require to fill in your address, contact, and full names. Members can now start depositing funds and either trade or have an account manager trade on your behalf.

It’s not the account registration process that’s the problem, and it’s their verification process. To withdraw funds, you have to send verification documents. So we don’t understand why they don’t ask for them in the first account sign-up process.

The platform will only ask for the verification documents once you click withdrawal. But then, it’s when all hell breaks loose as they ask for valuable documents. These documents include a copy of your ID, bank statements, and credit card details.

Affiliate Bonus Trade View

There’s a call to action as an affiliate member of the platform. You get to earn passive income by directing other investors to this platform. It may seem like a feasible way to earn extra from marketing the platform.

It comes at a huge price; you end up losing your reputation as the platform is a burst. Furthermore, those who you direct will end up laying the blame on you for their losses; After all, it’s you who directed them to a platform that blocks withdrawal.

There are six accounts available with the affiliate program. Each plan comes with a bonus over a certain amount of time. As an affiliate, there’s a minimum withdrawal limit set at $20. The payment mode is in BTC or INR.

Affiliate members also have to incur an administration expense of $10. But, again, you can get the information on their affiliate page.

Are funds safe with Trade View?

Funds are far from safe with an offshore investment platform. So please stay away from the platform or risk losing all your funds.

Business holder

TradeView Affiliate

Trade View Ltd is a business incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The company is apparently registered in Hong Kong. So it’s clear that we have an offshore investment platform that poses huge risks.

There’s no mention of the CEO or founder of the company. So we don’t know who owns and runs the company or investment platform. And this makes it a risky option as it fails to give us names of who is responsible.

Trade View is an anonymous investment platform which is not an option for us. Anonymity has all the features of a platform with no oversight. And this is another feature we will look into, license and registration.

Features of Trade View

Accolades and awards

The platform claims to win awards which include Most Trusted Broker and Best Forex Research. These are false statements meant to drive investors into signing up. We don’t know who issued these awards.

Furthermore, the awards don’t have their name engraved on them. We don’t see a member of the platform receiving the award. There’s no indication anyone else received the award on their behalf.

Contact and support

You would expect such a platform to have direct communication channels. But, unfortunately, they don’t; all they have is a message board where you leave your message. This is not the way to contact an investment platform that holds your investment.

There should be direct communication lines such as live chat or a phone number. Both are missing, which points to a platform that is trying to control communication channels. Please avoid giving them your contact details.

Domain records ( review)

The IP location shows the platform resides in Jaipur, India. It has been running for 275 days as we publish this post. The name of the registrant has been redacted for privacy reasons. It also shows the targeted investment group is probably Asian investors.

Money Manager

Spreads available on

There’s an SC Money Manager feature available, and this is a MAM account. These asset managers claim to help investors manage multiple accounts. Additionally, there are fully automated services with EA trading allowed.

Micro lots are also available on the Money Manager account with no transaction costs. The platform also claims to offer a flexible profit sharing and trading environment. However, beware of this feature as it’s meant to target the wealthier class of investors.

Spreads on accounts

The spread on these accounts depends on the currency pair. Spreads start from 1.5 with the EURJPY pair and 8 with the CADCHF pair. The minimum trade size is set at 0.01 lot/1000, with minimum price fluctuation set at 0.0001.

License and Registration Trade View

Trade View does not hold a valid license from authorities. The platform fails to give members any proof of their compliance. It would be best if they did provide copies of their license certificates.

Being an offshore investment platform, we don’t expect transparency from them. And this is why we have to expose them. Without any oversight, all liability falls on members giving the platform a chance to exploit investors.

Trade View Account Types

Trade View ( offers three account types. The three include Mini, Macro, and Standard. Leverage for the mini and micro account is set at 1:500. It’s way above the acceptable leverage of a maximum of 1:100.

Trade View Account Types

Standard account holders get leverage of 1:200, and all accounts come with variable spreads. The stop-out level is set at 50 percent, with hedging and scalping allowed on all accounts.

Bottom line

Trade View is a risky investment platform with members complaining of not gaining access to their accounts.

Our recommendation is to use proven investment platforms that offer realistic profit returns. It’s what you need to make it with forex investment.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries. We would be happy to oblige.

Can I Profit with

No, there’s not a single member with a success rate

Can I communicate directly with support

There’s only an email option. You can’t call and speak to a live agent

Is it a scam?

We believe this is a scam.

What are the alternatives?

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