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I live in the US so i can’t always be there for my elderly mother. She was cold called called in summer by these crooks with all manner of special offers. She wanted a new back door, so she had them quote her £400 to supply and fit one. She mentioned also told them her kitchen window had started to get moisture in it. They said they could do this also at “no more than £500.” They told her the company dosn’t provide written quotes – now we know why they do that. She paid a £500 deposit by cash. Then she heard nothing from them for nearly a month. She called them but they only use a cellphone number and nobody answers it. i expect they have numbers saved of people they don’t want to speak with. What she did was get a friend to drive her to the address on their website, CLIMAX WORKS GARNET ROAD LEEDS which was locked up though there is sign there with LEEDS TRADE GLASS on it. | After another month went by, she had heardnothing THESE CROOKS HAD STOLEN HER MONEY! She phoned me. It was heartbreaking to hear my 82 year old mother sobbing on the phone, apologizing for being so stupid. Luckily I was due back in the UK shortly afterwards and I looked up the registered address and found the owner – GARY (no surname given) at his (BIG) house. | He imemdiately turned very aggressive when I knocked on his house door (he’s a big man and very loud) and threatened me with the law ‘and worse’ if I did not leave his property straight away. It was like being on that watchdog program and I left and went to the police, but they said they could not do anything. I called him from my phone and he answered, gues she didn’t know the number. When I said who I was he put the phone straight down. I’m very glad he wasn’t there when my mother went to his factory. | I got some advice from a layer and have now taken the matter to court to try and get my mothers money back. I got judgement because he didn’t even reply to the court summons but of course no money has been paid by him and now I have to pay more to have bailifs try and collect it. Its cost me £450 so far in addition to my mothers £500, and trading standards say I have little chance of getting any of it back. | Two weeks after the court case I got a very late night call on my cellphone which is the one I used to call him on. The number had been withheld but a voice said something like ‘DROP IT OR WE’LL VISIT HER’ and rang off. I stayed in the UK for another two weeks and now have a friend lodging with my mother just for my piece of mind. She has has an attempted break in since the court case, somethign that hasn’t happened in the 25 years she has lived in this house. It might be coincidence but I think not. | These people, this ‘GARY’ man is a nasty bit of work, who robs the elderly and is clearly not above using intimidation tactics. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – don’t go through what my mother has, find a reputable company instead and tell your friends about this crook.


  • Name: Trade Glass
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: Leeds
  • Address: Unit 22b. Climax Wks. Garnet Rd.
  • Phone: 773-977-3978
  • Website:

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