Tracy Bruce (Claborn) Mansfield, Texas Texas


My husband and I were happily married with 2 kids, when he lost his job. He had a job opportunity near our hometown so he took it and I was 6 hours away with a toddler and newborn while he was working. I went to visit my parents who live about an hour away and he came to visit me, but that night on his way back he saw a woman walking in the street and he picked her up so that she would be safe. She knew he was married and had young kids (though we hadn’t slept together in a while due to a high risk pregnancy and emergency c section)and she still threw herself at him until he gave in. They had sex on my car, exchanged numbers, and went their separate ways. The next morning my husband sent me all kinds of sweet texts and told me he wanted to see me, he brought flowers to me and he told me that he felt guilty because he asked for someone’s number and even though I was mad, I just told him I was glad that he didn’t call her and we stopped talking about it. Unfortunately for him, he had set up call forwarding to my phone for when he was on call at his prior job (in case his phone died.) she had been texting him, he told her over and over that it was a mistake and he wanted me back, so she called him, he ignored it, and it was forwarded to my phone. She told him she cheated on her husband so she knew how he felt and she wanted to keep seeing him. I heard the voicemail and my heart dropped, while she hadn’t left any details, I just knew. I checked his phone and he had her listed under telemarketer. I talked to him and he eventually confessed and I saw the messages on his phone. I texted her, trying to make sense of the whole situation and she proceeded to tell me what a good guy he was and how unfair it was of me to text her. Really?! She told me that I am young (I’m 22 years younger than her) and pretty and she was sorry but I should move on. As mad as I was at my husband we decided to work things out and he told her immediately. However, she continually harassed both of us from 2 different numbers. Telling me to move on and that”I would be okay” and trying to get him to meet her so they could hook up again. We both blocked her number and she used another one, forcing us to change our numbers to cease contact. || This was very recent, so we are trying to work things out and I hope we can because this betrayal has been the worst feeling that I could even imagine. I love my husband, and he is a good man. He made a very stupid decision, but one that would have never been made if this home wrecker hadn’t knowingly seduced a married man. Now we have to wait a couple of months for him to be tested for std’s and we will never have anything as beautiful and pure as it was before she tried to destroy our marriage and divide a home. (How could you do that to another woman, not to mention two innocent babies that would not see their dad every night if we got a divorce).

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