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Complaint: I did get through the purchasing process with the “breeder””. Despite some abrupt and rude statements from both her and her shipper she sounded like she genuinely cared for her dogs (I later found out she sends a cookie cutter email for EVERY puppy she sells – which includes how playful they are which cannot ALWAYS be true). When I told Cinthia I was interested in her puppy she let me know that I had to purchase ASAP or he would be gone. Having fell in love with just his picture (and being naive) I jumped on the opportunity. I asked Cinthia to send over pictures of my puppies parents and she said she was completely computer illiterate and could not send them without her daughter who was only home on weekends. I agreed to receive the pictures that Saturday (they were never sent). Sadly a day before he was supposed to be shipped I found out that our landlord would not allow us to have a dog in the apartment. I promptly emailed Cinthia Jode to let her know I would no longer be able to take the puppy. At this point she began cursing at me and telling me how it was “”complete bulls**t”” for me to cancel. She explained that now he would be left alone (despite her weekly listings of puppies on

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Address: and her website that clearly shows she has more dogs that anyone should). I apologized and within an hour had decided with my fiance that we would move and keep the puppy at my parents until we found a new place that did allow dogs. Cinthia told me there was no way she was sending the puppy – she was worried about getting paid. She told me she could not answer my phone calls or listen to my voicemail because she was deaf (which I don’t believe to be true since she does have that phone number ONLY for business and seems to have called other buyers over the phone harassing them according to these reviews). I reassured her offering to send her money early. Her husband joined in on the email thread telling me they were good christian people and they would send the dog over and he had faith I would take care of him which I have done since receiving him. The day had come to receive my puppy and I was overjoyed

Website: and explaining that since I already spent more on his first vet bill 12 hours after receiving him my money should be refunded (since I should have received a puppy in good health). Cinthia informed me that I could send him back for a refund. Send him back for a refund? I would never send a puppy back to conditions like that. After belligerent

Phone: we went to pick him up (in a parking lot where the shipper had told me to meet her) and saw that the puppies are shipped in plastic containers in the back of the mini van piled on top of one another. The shipper was holding my puppy waiting in the front seat. I was overwhelmed with excitement and didn’t pay attention to much else. We got the puppy in the car and started driving home. I noticed he smelled of feces but figured it was from the travel. We bathed the puppy when we got home and as I was blow drying him and brushing through his fur I noticed small white particles and assumed he had dandruff. I called his vet in the morning to move his appointment up so that we could get him some anti-dandruff treatment. When I arrived at the vet’s office the following morning about 12 hours after receiving the puppy I started to explain why I though he had dandruff. The vet took a sample of one of the pieces in his fur and looked at it in a microscope. She informed me this was not dandruff this was lice. She quickly decided to further examine him. She took swabs of his ears which revealed extremely dark wax

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