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I have purchased at least 4 Toyota vehicles and used Toyota Financial Services for the financing of these vehicles. I paid off all 4 vehicles totalling more than a hundred thousand dollars. I was never late on any loans I have ever had with Toyota Financial Services. I currently have a Toyota through Toyota Financial Services. In October of last year somehow they found that I owed them $60 and reported to all 3 credit bureaus in January that I am 60 days late on the car! Then I received a notice that they would like to repossess the car over the nonpayment of the $60! I have never seen treatment this bad in my 11 years financing with Toyota Financial Services! I immediately called them and nobody was on the same page. The representatuves and the supervisors refused to open a credit inquiry to see what was going on. I have to live 7 years with a bad credit marker from these thugs! The customer service department only can state to fax a credit dispute to their credit team in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I have reported these thugs to the CFPB many times and they lie to the CFPB! This company doesn’t have loyalty towards their customers it seems they prey upon small matters to destroy their customers. These people are monsters! Their credit department are incompetent only out to ruin their customers!

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