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I placed two different orders with ToyGlobe. The first one was for two Uhura figures from Star Trek Series 1 line. I paid $11.95 for them at the time. The following week after it became known the figures were rare the price on there site went to $24.95. I never recieved the figures even though they had listed them on their site as being in stock and after I was promised by Jenny they would ship out. Had to force chargeback on my credit card. nSecond order was for 20 of the Gold Hogs from the Halo 2 series 1 line. I paid $14.95 for each one plus shipping. Total was approx. $400.00. After many phone calls and many broken promises I never recieved a single one. After finally talking to George at toyglobe I recieved ONE (1) out of the twenty I ordered. Today they still have them on their website as being in stock but now for $149.00 bucks a piece. nBut it doesn’t end there, get this they still did not refund me for the other 19 I ordered. I had to once again have my credit card company do a chargeback on them to get my money back. They then challenged my chargeback to mastercard stating they sent ALL 20 items and they gave the tracking number to Mastercard to prove they did. nWhat the stupid idiots at Toyglobe didn’t know was that Mastercard looked at the weight of the package and saw there was no way they could have all been sent to me one as the package only weighed a few pounds. If they had sent me 20 of them the package would have been a lot heavier. nI also found them doing business under the name Treasure Box Games and the phone number I found for them was 514-856-1555. They have several complaints filed against them with the BBB of New York. Anyone can look this up online. If was how I was able to finally track them down and get a live person on the phone. nThese are the another issues I have with them. No contact phone info on their website which should be a big trigger that you shouldn’t do business with them. The order lookup on their website so you can see the status of your order has never worked. Any out of the dozens of emails I sent I only got a response back a few times. nThe company needs to fix the following.n1. Provide a valid phone number for customers to calln2. Make the order tracking page workn3. No longer charge for items till they day they ship. This is a big one as this is how they are ripping people off. nIf you want a good toy company to order from I would HIGHLY recommend toynk. They have always delivered what I’ve ordered and haven’t charged my card till the item ships. Their prices are also fair for the most part. nBriannColumbus, OhioU.S.A.

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