Town and Country Towing Moreno Valley California


Complaint: Town ans Country Towing, an official police impound lot(as stated by signs on the property) is an unlicensed business. That company has not had a license to practice legitimate business since ’07. No business license number, no TAX ID!.That company is in violation of several Riverside County Municipal Codes 5.15. They have no right to tow/impound, put sales leins, charge citizens outrageous storage fees. I was told by the yard owner that a hold had been placed on my car and for 700 dollars he could have it released. I went to that tow yard(1/15/15) to get some of my things from my car, I immediately noticed items missing from my car so I took out my cam and began filming around and inside my packed car. I lifted the hood, opened up the fuse box lid(the fuse box located under the hood) and I filmed and saw BIG RED PLUGS/ ALL RED FUSE-LIKE PLUGS) attached to my fuse box!! When the tow yard owner saw what I was doing he said I had to leave immediately and was calling the police to have me arrested for trespassing. They stole from me and my kids, I had my brandnew Toshiba Laptop, the kids dolls and bike, my fiance’s tools , my clothing, ect, it was packed! When I contacted BBB, the company tried to act as if they did not know who I was or what I was talking about, the man BBB contacted lied. I guess he forgot that I was recording that day, once reminded by BBB, he suddenly remembered. It is all a part of an organized crime ring ran by members of the police department(CHP Temecula) that targets the poor/low-income. They take your car, to an illegitimate tow yard that they are either contracted with/own, make it impossible to afford to get it back, then sell it. All this without a license to do so.( California Secretary of State, BBB look-up, California business license info, websites) These crooks have been ripping citizens off for years and the IRS To Protect and Serve Satan.

Tags: City Governments

Address: 3121 Indian ave Perris, California USA


Phone: 951 9436637 or18009974TOW

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By Ronald

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