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Buyers beware, all great deals on Tours4Fun are not equal! Tours4 Fun subcontracts their trips. While one company may provide the services that were advertised, you might end up with the company we were unfortunate to get. Our trip u201cFrom Hellu201d would require too much space to describe in its entirety, so I will only give you the highlights.Apparently Itinerary is only u201csuggestedu201d and can be changed without any regard to the passengers. We were looking forward to going to Niagara Falls on the first day and seeing the light show at night. This did NOT happen. Instead we went directly to Montreal. Our one and a half day stay in Montreal was the best part of the trip. Unfortunately we arrived there in a small shuttle bus that only sat 14 people. My legs were crammed up on the wheel-cover the entire trip. From there it was all downhill!Our next stop was in Toronto. The Itinerary said we would only be there one night, but we stayed at the worst hotel we have ever been in for two nights. I have enclosed pictures to show the filth, mold, and rust in the room. Unfortunately, you canu2019t see the awful smell from the heavy smoke in our u201cnon-smokingu201d room. Prostitution is also legal in Toronto and we saw plenty of it at this hotel. Even the waitress in the coffee shop advised us to be careful since there was no security at the hotel and it was unsafe to leave anything in the rooms. Several calls and e-mails to Tours4Fun resulted in NO change even though we stated that we were fearful for our safety. To say that this is comparable to a Sheraton is a joke! When we questioned the driver, his comment was that the trip was cheap and if we wanted something better, we should have paid more! Tours4Fun sets the price and this is what they offered!Our stay in Niagara Falls was all of three hours on the last day. No light show at night, no overnight stay, just a mad rush to see it all before our eight hour drive home in a shuttle bus with no bathroom.I wonu2019t describe the ride home except to say that the bus was stopped twice by the police for various traffic violations and passengers in the front said that the speed of the shuttle bus exceeded the speed limit to the point that we were all fearful for our safety.

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