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On Saturday, July 11 there was an unusual noise from my A/C. I called Total Protect and they referred me to Premium Air Solutions. I told them what I heard and they instructed me to turn the unit off. When they arrived they turned it back on, said it was fully charged with Freon and had frozen due to a dirty coil. At the time they called it in to Total Protect who suddenly said I did not have a maintenance agreement despite having blown out the drain line in Feb. 2015. Premium quoted me $367.00 to clean the coil and suggested they would set up a time on Monday and collected $60.00 for the service charge. On July 21 they returned and pulled the coil to clean it and replaced two parts. I paid them $367.00 and they said it was working fine. On August 11, 2015 they sent out another company in the evening who said all the freon was gone and the compressor had burned out. Despite telling him what happened and him telling me they should never have pulled a coil that old he called Total Protect and said the coil leaked due to rust (the only exclusion in the contract) He went to that clause like a “homing pigeon”” and I said so while he had the Total Protect Adjustor on the phone. He went back outside my home

came in and said there was no charge and they would render a decision the next day and call me. The next day at 9:00 am Total Protect fully denied the claim. The three contractors who came out all stated a coil that old should not have been pulled. I paid $36.00 plus for fourteen years to Total Protect and only rarely used them. I kept the policy in tact primarily for the a/c and water heater. All my appliances were already replaced by me. I warn anyone and everyone to steer clear of this company.”

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