Total Home Exteriors – Total Home Exteriors Nightmare

We had Total Home Exteriors do an emergency repair on our house after a serious rain storm. We discovered a huge hole in the wall. The whole roof needed repair. New shingles, siding and all.Total Home Exteriors answered our call right away and said they could out the next day. We had to leave and stay somewhere else until the work was finished.They did not make it out the next day. And had to reschedule for the next week. This meant that we were going to have to spend at least two weeks in a hotel. I paid them in advance for the work that was going to be done. I had no choice, really.They finally finished the roof and we moved back in, only to have to pack right back up and get out. Shingles were falling off the roof. They did an improper installation.They said that they would fix it for free, but we were out of our house for another 4 days. They sent us a bill still for another $1,500. I argued that they said they were not going to charge us for the second repair. We were told that we still had to pay for the materials.Including the stay at the hotel that we had to pay for we ended up spending around $10,000! No wonder they are trying to change their name.

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