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I called Josh from total Kate Manufacturing Inc. to come install a gate opener for my double swing gate at my house. Jeff said it wouldn’t be a problem to send him photos’s after he would come and see the gate in person. The next week Jeff came to my residence examined the gates and offered me three packages ranging from $8000-$14,000. I went with the middle of the road option for $10,500. Understandably Jeff asked me for a $5000 deposit and work would begin within a week. A week goes by and I have heard nothing from Jeff or total gate I try to call and email but no responses are given to me only three weeks after my Kneisel deposit date Jeff contacts me and tells me that the gate opener that I selected is out of stock and we need to go with the more expensive option. I told him that I did not want to go with the more expensive option we were at the top of our preferred budget and we wanted the $5000 deposit back to go with another company. Jeff said he will see what he can do and get the gate opener from the US and he will call me back again within a week. I tried to reach Jeff after a week and still no response the guy has disappeared and he’s not answering any form of communication. I’m getting very nervous since $5000 is almost 50% of the project total. After he didn’t return my calls I showed up to the office demanding a refund of my $5000 deposit Jeff said he could not possibly do that because the money has already been spent on ordering the gate opener from the US it has been almost a month now since my initial deposit date and still no work has been done and the gate opener has not even arrived in Toronto. Understandably I’m very angry and total gate did nothing to sooth my nervousness. Jeff I shirred me that work would begin within a week of them receiving the gate opener. After all it took another two months for the gate opener to arrive in Toronto and now were at a total of three months when he said that work would begin within one week of me giving my deposit. Jeff ended up installing the gates with two of his employees from total gate 4 1/2 months but behind what he originally promised of one week. This has been the largest runaround I’ve ever had with any contractor or manufacturer. When I saw the order from the US gate supplier the order date said that it was received One month after I showed up to the office. Jeff lie to me and set of the $5000 was already used to order a gate opener when the gate opener was not ordered when I demanded my $5000 deposit. Jeff to lie to me and did not want to give me my money back and overpromised on the timeline and then tried to ask me for more money and I didn’t extras like backup battery packs and more control arms and more keypads and entry locks. Just wanted to squeeze all the money that I had when I originally went above my budget Of $10,000. I don’t think any consumer resident or anybody in the commercial individual should ever trust Jeff at total gate or total gate with any project that they have that is either time sensitive or that is not time sensitive. Total gate overpromise says under delivers and overcharges and then asks for more money no consumer should ever trust total gate. Buyer beware !!!


  • Name: Total Gate Manufacturing Inc.
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Brampton, Ontario
  • Address: 26 Holtby Avenue
  • Phone: 905.874.6122
  • Website:

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