Complaint: I did not even have to take this heater out of the box to know it was useless to me. All the hype and claims of safety are negated in the instructions included in the box.Some examples: The outside box shows a dog and a baby sitting next to the heater, it is also shown next to a wall, on a fluffy rug, and with a pillow against it. On the box it claims the heater cannot start a fire. The enclosed instruction booklet warns several times about the danger of fire, says the heater must not be on a soft surface, must be at least 3 feet from any wall or object, and extream caution must be used around children. Sounds a lot like my $30 space heater.The outside box says it uses a standard 115v outlet. Inside it says that no other appliance can be plugged in to the same circuit. How many homes can dedicate an entire circuit breaker to one item?The heater takes up to 24 hours to heat a room, then must stay on continuously to maintain the heat.I could go on and on, but instead I am going to the post office to ship it back

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