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I hired Top Notch Painting-Pressure to paint my upper and lower kitchen cabinets which included cleaning and prepping. The owner Willie Latimore came to my home to give an estimate on the job, we agreed on an amount and he provided me with an invoice. The following Saturday he arrived two and a half hours late and alone to start the job. | He orginally stated he would bring a crew of 3 which would allow them to finish the job in a few hours. He spent a total 4 1/2 hours on the job. He only partially cleaned the cabinets, he didn’t prep the cabinets by sanding and priming first, and he only applied one coat of paint to a portion of the cabinet frames. He left many parts of the cabinets untouched. He even tried to get away with painting my cabinets with all the doors still hung. He didn’t have the tools needed to remove the cabinet doors himself, so my husband and I removed them all ourselves as he watched. | He stated he would take all 20 cabinet doors back to his “shop” where he could “clean, prep and spray them evenly instead of using a roller.” He also stated he would use “drop cloths” to sandwich in between each door during transport back to my home to be reinstalled. This was to ensure that no damage was done to the cabinets during transport. | Willie was scheduled to return to my home to finish the cabinet boxes and kickplates the following weekend but he never showed up. He no showed on two more subsequent rescheduled dates. I had not heard from Willie for two weeks afterwards and he still had my 20 cabinet doors all that time. He never called to give updates on his progress, nor did he call to make arrangements to finish the work on my cabinets he left incomplete. | His work was shoddy and unprofessional to say the least. When he arrived the first day to start the job he only brought one gallon of paint, one brush and half a drop cloth. Not only did he try to paint my cabinets with the doors still hung, but he never taped off anything, which left sloppy paint drippings on my floors, my appliances and cabinet drawers. | When I finally got in touch with him to demand an explanation he tried to make it seem as if I were making trouble for him and he “didn’t need the headache.” When I asked when he will come finish what he started, he said he could only come on Monday Aug. 8. I told him I couldn’t accomodate him because I worked that day. He then stated that he would be “starting a new full-time job on Tuesday Aug. 9 working from 4am-1pm 7 days a week” and he would be unavailable for paint services as he is “closing out all his paint jobs this week.” | He stated that he couldn’t “take a loss for the work that was done” and asked for $175 for what he paid his “employee” to work on my cabinet doors, plus $25 for the “touch-up can of paint.” I met Willie at one of his work sites in DeKalb county where he was painting the first floor of someone’s townhouse. He was given a check in the amount of $200 for the unfinished cabinet doors. He did not dispute the $200, despite the remaining balance per his invoice was $325. | My cabinet doors were obviously painted with brush, and not sprayed as he insisted he would do. The doors were also stacked directly on top of each other without the “drop cloths” he claimed he would use to prevent damage during transport. All 19 of the 20 doors had nicks, paint streaks, peeled paint and/or a thin, single coat of paint. | This company is a sham and the owner is not a professional painter by any stretch of the imagination. He is merely a swindler and a professional at taking advantage of honest, unsuspecting people.


  • Name: Top Notch Painting-Pressure
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Dawson
  • Address: 3606 Warner Rd
  • Phone: 229-854-9495
  • Website:

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