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My husband grew up with Tonya Johnson in Zachary, Louisiana years ago. They were just friends in the past but recently they reconnected and started secretly texting. I noticed the text on Sunday while sitting beside him on the couch and he played it off like it was nothing. Then he started changing. He would hide his phone and became really cranky. So I contacted our cell phone carrier and found out every strange number he talks too. Her number (removed) appeared on my bill approximately 300 times in a month. || I questioned him about her and he denied everything. I kept digging until I discovered who she was. On July 1, 2014 he lied to me about going on a charter fishing trip with his company. I tried to believe him but I felt like he was up to something. He never texted me or called me all day then at 10pm I received a text from him saying he was stranded. || He never replied to any of my follow up text and he didn’t come home. I contacted the police who contacted the Coast Guard. We all thought he was missing but the police located his cellphone signal in Austin, Texas. He was at her home. I called her cell phone and asked for him and of course she lied. || He later returned home and claimed he just went to a party but I contacted a divorce attorney. He begged to keep our family together and give up his”friendship”. He asked Tonya to stop contacting him but I recently started back digging and she’s still calling and texting him. || I just read her profile online stating she is an excellent role model for the students at (removed) and I’m just wondering if being whore and a homewrecker makes her an excellent role model.

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