Tony Shoes Astoria New York Review


I ordered a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes from in October. The website guaranteed that they would accept returns and that their shoes were 100 percent legitimate Louboutin shoes. When I received the shoes, nearly two weeks later, they were obvious fakes. Instead of stitching, the shoes had a pattern painted onto the fake leather. I immediately contacted the seller, asking for a return address so that I could send them back for a refund (the shoes cost $192). The seller did not return my emails for nearly a week, at which point he offered a 15 percent discount. I declined and sent a series of emails back to the seller, though he did not respond for yet another week, at which point he offered a 30 percent discount. Again I declined. No address for return was provided. I sent more emails. Last week, the seller emailed me and told me that he would offer a 50 percent discount. I declined a third time. Seller has not responded to my emails at all this week and I have become increasingly angry and frustrated. The website sells over 200 different types of shoes that they claim to be authentic haute couture, when they are clearly second-rate knockoffs. I asked the seller before even purchasing if these were guaranteed actual Louboutin shoes and he said yes. I want my money back.

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