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I have been married to my husband for a little over 1 year. About two weeks ago I found out he was cheating on me with a friend of his, Toni Yerton. This has been going on for a long time (about 6 months or maybe more) and it would still be going on now had I not caught him. I found out by e-mail’s and text messages and after reading them, I could tell neither one of them planned to stop any time soon. I also found out about expensive dinners and Hotel room’s. He swears that they did not sleep together, because they just couldn’t!!! || Going through their text messages I noticed the kind of woman she is. Pretending to be a good friend but all the time flirting and trying to get free things and favors from him. I am sure she was planning on doing sexual favors to him to make him fall in love with her or to get things she can not afford as a single mother. || I am so happy I have access to all my husband’s accounts so I was able to check this woman facebook. You can totally see what a big ego she has, she is a narcissist. Posting constantly pictures of her face to get the attention of all her male friends. Something I noticed is that she does not have many pictures of her full body, but just from her breast and face. || As you can imagine, my curiosity did not stop there and found many postings on her wall in which she makes comments about men stalking her… If all she does is posting pictures of her breast, go figure! Probably many of her friends do not know about her secret life, that she is a homewrecker. She is a woman who constantly send text messages to my stupid husband. || My man is an idiot!!! I bet is all about her breast and the suggestive talk she uses in her text messages. I also found out through a friend of mine who knows her that she is messing with another man. I also heard that she got fired from her past job because she was dating one of the managers (also married) and also because was selling information to the competitors!!! What a woman… || What hurts me the most is thinking about all the wonderful things I have been giving to my husband, it’s truth I was distant for a while but it was because In the last year I was dealing with the death of my father and my mom recovering from surgery, hard time, meanwhile my stupid man was building a relationship with this slut! || I feel devastated and disgusted, how can I ever trust this man with my life? He was the center of my universe and now there is nothing inside. || Women in Livermore, be careful with this whore who will try to get as much as she can from your man. || I can see she loves her son but messing with unavailable men is not the way to find a father for her kid. See by yourself this pictures of her and her postings on facebook trying to teach moral, what a hypocrite.

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