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I thought I had a happy marriage. That my husband would remain faithful to me. I am a stay at home mom who works hard to keep my children and my husband happy. I am not the wife who doesn’t give my husband attention or sex. I have ALWAYS been his biggest support and cheerleader.My husband met Toni Hopson through a work convention. She needed a mentor and he eagerly agreed to be that for her. Fast forward to 3 weeks later and they are constantly texting and emailing about wanting to meet up in a hotel room. So that’s what they did. Met in a Hampton Inn in LaGrange, GA and proceeded to have sex. They didn’t leave the hotel regretting what they did. They both knew they wanted it again. My husband comes home that night and we have a family movie night. He’s on his phone constantly but I don’t question it. After the kids go to bed, my husband and I have sex. Yes, he had sex with BOTH of us in one day. The next day something in my gut is telling me he did something. So I go to his phone and try the passcode he once had on an old phone. Lucky for me it was the same and I discovered the emails between them. I confronted my husband and of course like any scum bag he tried to deny it. I contacted Toni Hopson and of course she didn’t have the guts to talk to me. You see this seemingly sweet 27 year old, has had a boyfriend for 5 years that she didn’t care enough about to keep her clothes on. I wouldn’t stop until she finally let me talk to her boyfriend and expose her. Her poor naive boyfriend had no idea what she is really capable of. He thinks she is a good christian girl. She’s a slut who didn’t stop to think about the consequences of sex with someone who was married. She didn’t think of my 2 children and what they will have to deal with now. || I don’t only blame her, I blame my husband who broke my trust. I’m destroyed.

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