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It seems to have all started when I was young and I met this girl while i was dating her friend. I found out months after her friend and I had broken up that she had kissed him before he moved out of town while we were still dating. She said it never happened or she doesn’t remember. He claims she was really high and probably doesn’t remember it. What ever its not really relevant i was a teen and they were idiots. || Fast forward to 7 years down the road. Yes 7 years ( I am now 22 so that tells how young i was when i first met this homewrecker. || I just moved into a new home with my love and our beautiful new baby boy. I didn’t have any friends in the area and well my SO and I were fighting often. New baby, new place, new bills, just lots of new stress. Well on July first we were at our house and a neighbor from down the road brought baby boy clothes to me knowing i had a new baby. It was a very kind jester a little later him and his wife show up because he wanted his wife to meet me and my SO so that maybe we could all just be friends. I already knew the wife. The past was the past right it didn’t matter what happened in high school. She was married, with a little one of their own. There was no way she was the same as 7 years ago, right?Wrong!!!! Boy was I wrong. || Now heres the thing my SO has a lot of mental issues. Bi-polar, PTSD, and a crap done of other issues that are to long to list. He was untreated and self medicating. Drinking. Every day all the time Drinking. It made him feel better made him not feel so lost in his head. Now i knew he had a problem and he never hurt me he never put his hands on me i had no reason to be afraid of this drinking issue. He never tried to hold our baby if he had already started drinking during the day. He was a good dad Sober or slightly intoxicated he did what he had to for the baby. After meeting her things changed he started drinking hard alcohol with her it only took 4 days for it to turn from okay to this HORRIBLE heart breaking experience.On the 4th of July he gets this call. I knew there was something wrong here but he didn’t see it that way he wasn’t cheating on me nothing had happened everything was okay? Not really. I cried and i begged for him not to answer that call she needed him to come and get her her husband wouldn’t give her her son and she was in another town at her mothers house and she wanted to come back down here but she wanted to stay with us WTF i said f*** no this was MY house.I got ignored he wanted to help her. He wanted to play captain-save-a-ho. He left me at our home while i cried and begged him not to go he told me that i had to trust him he wouldn’t do that to me. He left they came back. Then i suffered for a month she was in my house. I took her phone while she was gone (her husband had it disconnected so she had left it at the house) and i read all the messages between them. I was so mad i was just fuming. All he could tell me was”don’t hate her””nothing has happened””we wouldn’t do that” and her of course”why would i do that i have known you for 7 years there’s nothing going on i would never want to be the OTHER woman especially to my best friend”I was so just depressed and mad that i was mean. I will admit i was MEAN a lot worse then i should have been. I wanted a way out but why should i give up MY house i was paying for it why should they have it they wouldn’t keep up on the rent i would get an eviction on my record this was a home for my family and it was being intruded. i just wanted her to get her house back and go home and leave my family alone.Remember they are drunk all the time my SO doesn’t remember really anything that happened that month. I tell him stories and the look on his face of just horror and disbelieve that he could ever do that do me and our child. I got on antidepressants he thought i needed them. I didn’t, and if you have ever taken something to treat something you don’t actually have you know the chances of adverse affects are greater. I turned MEANER now being a little female who is crazy and hormonal with a new baby mean is understandable but i turned violent because of these little pills. (I never needed them).I was so tired of this girl, moving into my house, into my family who did she think she was. They walked to the store to go get more alcohol and while they were doing it (of course after a huge fight) i took all of her stuff and put it in the middle of the road i didn’t care if my neighbors came and took it or just went through it i didn’t care. They came back and she tried to enter my house and i wasn’t having it i stood in her way in the door way and i wasn’t going to move her child (that she got back and was now ALSO staying with us) pushed past my legs so she pushed past me to get to her son and i was just done so i pushed her. I couldn’t help it. It was not my intention to push her into her son i didn’t mean that at all and he didn’t get hurt but she picked him up put him in the play pin and tried to attack me i was ready for it i wanted it i wanted to hurt her so bad i didn’t even care i just wanted her out of my house. My SO broke up the fight and kept us separated.But according to her”You are a horrible person willing to through a 2 year old out on the streets.” He could go to his dads i didn’t care. I just wanted them gone.Now there was some cheating going on now. Sneaking around behind my back i thought it was over i just was so week i couldn’t leave my son would cry for his daddy when daddy wasn’t around. My heart would break for my baby how could i hurt him? How could i take him away from daddy?Finally it started to seam as if the end was coming she got her house back and was moving out of mine YAY finally we can fix our family I can get him help to get sober we can get these issues treated! right????? wrong….her having her own house made it worse.”My house is bigger move in with me we will have more room everything will be better blah blah blah blah.” Now my SO and i had had a falling out not long before this where i took my son and i ran for the hills i called my friend from my childhood. He came and got me and my son took us to my mom. But i went back to my house a few days later. That was my house and my family right. Well fast forward back to where she gets her house back. I am dragged over there all the time while they are drinking He swears nothing is going on between them now but of course we are still fighting and He is still drinking and shes still being the little wh*** she is.Now things have gone from bad to worse….guess who was pregnant in the middle of all of this i got pregnant with our second baby. Me? But i was on birth control. I never missed a pill. My life was in shreds how could this be happening?? Pregnant? But my son was only 5 months old and im a month pregnant are you kidding me????!!!!! He was pissed when he found out (still drunk and now drinking more from the news) and her? What was she doing? Trying to convince me to abort! She thought it was best! Why would i keep a baby wouldn’t i couldn’t afford it (now i worked a full time job making good money i paid all my bills but i couldn’t afford another baby?)That night her and him and some neighbors were having a BBQ and drinking hard alcohol and all hell broke lose between us. She took off with some other dude and he was just sloshed. So drunk he was slurring. and he broke up with. He didn’t want another baby he wasn’t ready for another one so i took my stuff. I took my son and i left. I went home. To MY home. But i didn’t want to be there i wanted to be with my family. My neighbor gave me a ride to my moms house. I stayed there a few days and i decided i was going to do what i had to do. I went back to my home. I left my son with my mom and I got a ride back to my house. I was going to fix my home up and give my son and I a good life. I was doing MY job as his mother and to the mother of my unborn child.When i saw him that night when i went to the store my heart broke. But he was sober and he wanted to talk. He wanted to fix us but he didn’t know how and he just needed a few days to think about what he needed to do. He told me he loved me and he loved our son and he wanted to be apart of our unborn child’s life no matter what that meant for us.Few days later he came to pick me up from my job (I had no car and he was my only transportation he drove me to and from work all the time ) He told me he wanted his family back. He told me he was so sorry and he wanted to come home. He told me he loved me and our kids and wants nothing more to get our family back. || It has been a year and a half since all of this happened. That unborn baby is a beautiful 8 month old baby girl now. Our son is 21 months old and they both adore their daddy. We are happy again. We have been for the last year. We are also happily engaged to be married. YAY. Hes sober and being treated life is the way it should be. || I am a strong believer in Karma. Karma cam back for Tondra and bit her in the ass. She started dating some guy and moved in with him after her divorce went through. He left her had her move back in with her mom. Now i bet you are wondering how i know this. When he left her he started dating another girl someone i just happen to be friends with so i was of course told everything. Now some say he left Tondra for my friend according to him he didn’t leave her for the other girl shit just kinda happened after he left the Sk***. Either way Karma is a B***H and it got her back. Im happy and shes feeling the pain she tried to put me through.>

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