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We chose to trade in and purchase a car through Tom Rousch a year ago in December. The dealer was quick to push a used car that “just came in” and “is in great shape”. It was a used car and they were very insistant that this is the best deal with the most options. The deal was made, the trade in done and we were happy with the outcome and payment….for about two months. The car literally started falling apart soon after the purchase. We have named it the Rickshaw because if seems as if it is made of straw and keeps disentegrating. The seat latch didn’t work and the back seat hatch would not stay up. the dealership repair took four months to get a part and replace it and then said it was our fault and it wasn’t covered under the warranty that we purchased. The cylanoid in the gear selector went out and they would not honor a replacement in the warranty that we purchased. | The back door on the driver side does not open from the inside and they refuse to fix and had the audacity to say that it was the child lock, which it is not. The brakes had to be completely redone. The car literally stopped on the middle of the interstate due to one of the coils on the cylindars went bad “unexpectedly” and nearly killed my husband as he was in the middle of the highway stranded. When we went in to talk to the dealer and calmly explain that this was not acceptable for a car with only 54,000 miles with apparently very good reliable ratings. There was lip service and “yes, sir…we will make this right”…..The solution…selling us a new “used” car for twice the payment and a longer payment term. This is not a solution and they are not working with us. Buyer beware that if you are sold a crappy, lemon car from Tom Rousch will never honor their warranties and you will not get a resolution without legal representation, which is our next course of action.


  • Name: Tom Roush Mazda
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Westfield
  • Address: 525 David Brown Dr
  • Phone: 317-896-5561
  • Website:

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