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Bought the car brand new 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco | Service department replaced the serpentine belt, tensioner pulley, and front drivers seat right as the warranty was up. low and behold the car breaks down again, what’s wrong with it? The serpentine belt, the tensioner pulley ( discovered that they broke the bolt off in the bracket when they replaced it but forgot to mention that to us) and the front driver seat is missing bolts! | Cost me $155 for them to fix their mistakes and they were to have it 2 days — 2 days shy of 3 weeks I get my car back it is completely covered in a gray griddy dust and feet prints all over the doors, seats, etc. i tell them that i didnt bring my car in there looking like that and i wasnt leaving with it looking like that. | The service manager tells me to call them back and they will get it detailed for me – ok so i take it back to get detailed — it looks great I am thankful! | The thankfullnes wore off fast less than one week from having my car it breaks down – this time it costs $400 for a battery and to clear the computer code ( 75 to be towed back to them, 110 to tell me i need a battery) WHAT!! why didnt you tell me this when it was here for almost 3 weeks? | so needless to say I am over the shadyness of this company, and they have gotten the very last penny out of my house


  • Name: Tom Gill Chevrolet
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Florence
  • Address: 7830 Commerce Dr
  • Phone: 859-371-7566
  • Website:

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