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Complaint: This company had a promotion on wigs that was advertised online. I purchased wigs and purchased expedited shipping. After receiving the wigs in the mail. I found that I received wigs that I did not order. I immediately emailed the company to begin the refund process. The company emailed me back several times asking me to give my order number. Each time I responded with whatever they asked for. The company then began to ignore my messages. After my final attempt to contact them, I stated clearly that the website policy states that I can get 100% money back and that they are violating that. I also stated due to the fact that I have already attempted to find a solution and have complied with the company for weeks, I am now seeking legal action. After sending this email, the company messages me back answering every ignored email. The company also responded to me and told me they would give a 15% refund. I told the company I would not accept anything less than my 100% because that is there policy. I was also given the wrong product. The company then proceeded to email me and stated 35% refund. I sent an email stating I do not accept anything less than 100%. The company then proceeded to block my email address from contacting them.

Tags: Advertising, Internet Sales, Online Stores, Ripoff- Internet, Suspected Fraud, Wrong Merchandise Shipped

Address: United States


Phone: 852 6734 5467

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