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Complaint: On December 28th, 2003 I went to Tobin Dodge to look for two trucks. A used truck for my son and a new 2004 for myself. (I’m not discussing the problems with the 2004 as I am taking all the blame for that mistake.) This vehicle WAS NOT sold as is. On December 30th the check engine light came on and we called them. They told us that because of New Years we would have to come in when they reopened. We took the truck in, they kept it over night and said that we may need a tuneup soon. We drove away and the light came on within two miles. We foud out later that all they did was reset the light. WE got it back into their shop on January 8th. On January 9th they informed me that it needed a new distributor and that they were not going to pay for it. It would cost me $1,228.55. I went to the sales manager and asked why they wern’t going to cover it. He asked me if we told him anything was wrong before we left the lot. I lost it, started yelling, and for the first time in my life was thrown out of a business. They called a week later and said that the heads were cracked.(did service crack them???) We got the truck back on January 23rd at a cost of $734.19 after the extended warenty with Chrysler. If you go there, I suggest you set a tape recorder on the table. Jim Henderson, NevadaU.S.A.

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Address: 275 Auto Mall Drive Henderson, Nevada U.S.A.


Phone: 702-558-3800

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