TLG Buyers Advantage Review


I purchased tickets for Ringo Starr at Milwaukee’s BMO Harris stage Sept.’18. After my purchase, I was contacted with an offer to "get a $50 rebate". Thus began the contact from Buyers Advantage. They encouraged me to try a "trial offer", after which I’d get my $50 as promised. The "credit" was to be used towards their products (which I do NOT want). They then began charging me for another service in addition to the first one. I called their toll free number to cancel all of these scam offers. They had already gotten money from us and we did not benefit in any way. A few months have passed since I cancelled their membership, and out of the blue, I have received another charge for $9.99 on my credit card bill!!! I called and the agent, "Miriam" claimed I never called to cancel and went into a long (read straight from a coaching paper) list of reasons WHY their service is so wonderful. She gave me a cancellation # for my reference. I would advise ANYONE to avoid this company and all their subsidiaries.

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By Ronald

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