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Complaint: I’ll relate my personal experience with these…well, there are no words to describe how disgusted I am with this human excrement. I just came off a 12-hour shift and my alternator died. I had to get my ’96 Nissan to the nearest shop that could do the work. I called Tires Plus and asked for a quote of which the man on the phone would not give me stating “every car is different”” even after I told him what kind of car it was and all I wanted was a ball-park figure. That was the first red flag. I’ve already had shady dealings with these people before but I was stuck. I take my car in

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Address: they look at it and quote me $420. My jaw was on the floor! $420 for a F#$%^^G alternator?! This scumbag LIES to my face and tells me they have to go through the cooling system in my car to get through to the alternator and that I have to have a radiator hose replaced. WTF?! Now I don’t know anything about cars but I have had this alternator replaced twice thus far and I know for a fact that none of that garbage was necessary not to mention the fact that they wanted to charge me $420 for a job that shouldn’t cost more than $300. The F%@&^*G DEALER doesn’t charge that much! I of course told this dipshit that none of that was necessary. I thought the matter was settled there but oh no

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Phone: I was wrong my friends. FOUR HOURS LATER

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