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Complaint: Tipthepizzaguy.com continues to engage in reckless and dangerous conduct. Members such a pd2 and malefic continually encourage and promote the use of revenge against non tippers. I posted a report over 3 years ago to this day regarding the same infractions. They continually engage in the harassment of members and condone the acts of food adulteration against people who don’t tip the drivers. They have continued their personal attacks against me for calling them out. My morals were put to the test. In an apparent breach of conduct on their tos. Pd2 has been instrumental in a campaign of malignant harassment against me. These members, aforementioned above, should be discredited and given every opportunity to being discredited and shamed back to their useless existence.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.tipthepozzaguy.com/


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