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Complaint: I saw ad on PuppyFind.com on 1/19/14, liked what I saw regarding a AKC registered white pug puppy from AKC white pug Attila and AKC white pug Tojas (puppy was born 12/24/13). Tipping Point Farm website stated they raised AKC registered white, brindle, silver, fawn & black pugs. Michelle Horvath stated that Puppy’s price was $2,000, AKC papers, current vaccinations, health guarantee, Pedigree–just like the PuppyFind.com ad stated. I told her I wanted full AKC registration rights with this puppy, and she told me I would get AKC full registration rights for $2,000. I sent paypal $200 to Michelle Horvath’s instruction for a deposit, then mailed her a personal $500 check and on 2/10/14 the balance of $1570 to Paypal ($2000 plus $230 airline shipping). On 2/22/14 I received the white pug male puppy late in the afternoon at DFW Airport. There were no AKC registration papers for this puppy, no AKC registration numbers of sire and dam on the vet certificate or no other paper attached to the airline puppy crate. I left Michelle Horvath a voice message saying I did receive the puppy, beautiful puppy and thanked her. I also stated in my voicemail that I would appreciate the AKC registration paper being sent to me because it was not attached to the crate. I talked to her on the phone later and she told me that she was afraid it would become detached from the crate. She told me she would mail it to me. A few days passed and I called her, finally got a hold of her. She then told me that she’s waiting to send all of the customer’s who purchased the white pug puppies their respective AKC papers. I have left her emails and phone messages stating I had not received the important AKC registration full rights paper. She stated she would have to get a duplicate copy from the AKC in order to send them to me. On 3/19/14 via email and phone conversation Ms. Horvath told me she would send AKC paper via certified mail to me when she received them. It’s been one excuse after another. It’s been 51 days now…I’m still waiting for the AKC Registration full rights paper and a conclusion of this business transaction of $2,000. The PuppyFind.com ad entices customers into believing they will receive and AKC registered white pug, current vaccinations, health guarantee, Pedigree, and lifetime support for the puppy. I never received my AKC registration paper for this puppy, a date of vaccinations, health guarantee, Pedigree and hardly any communication with Ms. Horvath at all. There were 3 puppies in this litter according to Ms. Horvath and ad pic, and at $2,000, are really cash cows for this breeder. States “we are a small home-based licensed breeder.”” Ohio Agriculture states she or Tipping Point Farm are not licensed dog breeders. Too many lies

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Address: deceit and not giving all of the products that I paid for is internet fraud

Website: health papers

Phone: and a scam for customers to believe they are buying quality AKC registered puppies and Pedigree

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