Tiny Angels Daycare Review


Initial contact left us feeling good. We left our son here under the care of Tee Homsley and Amber Berriel. Our son was injured here several times, from scratches, falls down stairs, issues in which lead to my son trying to take another child’s sippy cup and was not monitored enough to prevent my son from scratching the girl. | Upon pulling my son out within 2-3 weeksish My wife and I saw a post on facebook regarding the daycare claiming There was a william homsley in the house. My girlfriend confirmed this and I did too quickly once a picture was placed. | I validated the claims via Oregon State Judaical online record search and South Carolina’s Sex offender registry.. Recently after these posts started to become seen by more parents and the information was getting overwhelming. 2 other individuals and I receive Cease and desist orders, demanding we remove the our posts or face lawsuit!


  • Name: Tiny Angels Daycare
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maryland
  • City: Potomac
  • Address: 9210 Pegasus Ct
  • Phone: 1 301-762-3393
  • Website: tinyangelsdaycare.com/

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