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There are all kinds of speakers out there but Tim is the worst. He is ruining the industry. I had hired him for a gig because I thought he was a reliable professional but I was wrong. He is not trustworthy. He is the finest example of false advertising. Yeah he is the CEO of Guide and has worked in multiple companies but he can’t even show up for a paid event. I had booked Tim a few weeks ahead of the event just so I don’t face any problems later on. I had made all the necessary arrangements for the event. I was paying for his stay and commute as well so I didn’t expect him to back out like this.

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My company was holding its annual business event and we all agreed that we should hire a reputed keynote speaker for it. I didn’t want any unknown guy. This was a special event and we had invited a few special guests as well. I had put a lot of effort into the arrangements of the event. What I didn’t know was that it will all get ruined because of one retard, Tim Salau. I had found him on LinkedIn and I was really impressed with his talks and social media presence. I thought he was a great choice for my event because of his vast experience in public speaking as well as his background of being a tech thought leader. I’ve always been interested in transforming the work culture and he prides himself as the ‘Mr. Future of Work’ so that was another reason why I thought of hiring him.

When I was booking him for the event, I didn’t know I was digging the grave for my job and professional reputation. This guy claims to be a professional but he can’t even keep his commitment. Like I said earlier, I had hired him a few weeks in advance. I had paid them in advance too and they had also confirmed everything.

On the day of the event, I got a call from Tim’s representative that they were sorry and he won’t be able to make it. I was like ‘What? Really? Is this a joke because I hate jokes like these’ and they told me no, Tim’s schedule has been adjusted and he can’t make it to my event. I asked them if there was any possibility of his arrival because it was a big event and it was impossible for me to find a new speaker within a few hours. They told me that they can’t do anything about it and hung up. I was really frustrated with this experience.

I would recommend everyone to avoid hiring Tim Salau. This guy takes your money, makes promises but forgets everything at the last moment. They are a bunch of criminals if you ask me. Only I know what kind of humiliation I faced because of the professional incompetence of this guy. I was better off not inviting this guy to my event at all. My supervisors were mad at me for ruining the event. They thought I had made a blunder and was trying to cover up the issue by putting the blame on him. My reputation is ruined in my company too. The annual event is the biggest event that takes place in our organization. We invite our clients, our employees, and many other guests for this event. This is the reason why my supervisors were very mad at me when I told them that the keynote speaker I had hired wasn’t coming anymore. I could have lost my job because of Tim. Even now, I’m on the brink of losing it.

I contacted his company after a few days to inquire about the refund. At first, they ignored my calls altogether. Then, they started claiming that I had not hired them and was trying to defraud them. When I sent them the invoice, only then they were convinced that I was telling the truth and was eligible for a refund. However, even when Tim didn’t come to his booked event, they only released 50% of the payment I had made. According to them the rest of the 50% was non-refundable. I don’t know how a reputed company like Google hired an unprofessional retard like Tim. He has no sense of professionalism whatsoever and he claims to transform the work culture of organizations.

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I’m really scared for our future generations because this guy also claims to be an inspiration for students. If people like Tim Salaur are inspirations for our kids, I don’t know what will happen to them.

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