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Timothy Johnson aka Tim or T.J. Otis Johnson born 4-5-63 is a personal trainer who frequents Orange County gyms and dating sites. He sets women up to think that he only sleeps with one woman, wants only one woman, and is looking for marriage. He is extremely skilled at lying and can lie out of any situation. He usually lives with someone during the week and tells that person that he has a weekend job that he either has to travel (training a boxer in Big Bear or somewhere else) or says he works as a holiday and weekend manager at a group home training kids. || The truth of the matter is that although he says he has NEVER cheated on any girlfriend in his life he actually cheats on EVERY SINGLE woman. He will tell you he is working but be spending the night or weekends with another woman. He will tell you he can’t take his phone in with him to work or while he is training someone so you think he is working and can’t check on him and when you are with him he won’t answer his phone saying that it is his client calling him back or a boxer’s manager that is trying to get ahold of him. He also says he has never used steroids lol but he is huge like 350 lbs which is not humanely possible to be that big with muscle without steroids. He drives a Dodge Sprinter White Van with a logo of a bodybuilder on the side and his business name is “TOTAL ATTITUDE” and he does not have a valid working business license it’s expired. Also, he drives a black 2006 hummer with lights on the top and big tires. || Ladies, he was cheating on me with 3 other women for 7 years and the other woman he had for 16 years and another one for 7-8 years and had a child with that he claims is not his and that she trapped him. He denies having relationships with women that he has been seeing for years and plays women against each other telling each one that the other is crazy and that they just fcked a few times and that she is vindictive and evil and lying. The REAL crazy one is him if you check up on him and don’t believe any of his lies you will see the truth. I had to get a private investigator to find the truth because he is so good at covering up and lying. This man can be very charming too and he will tell you he wants to marry you but is only waiting to pay off the IRS yet will NEVER show you proof of anything because he is lying. He will hold you off from marriage for years and keep you thinking he is really wanting to marry you and will look at new houses with you and play out the entire scenario like he is serious and he is playing one big game on you. || When you find out the truth you will be heart broken and when you find out the mean things he says behind your back that are not true and you thought he truly loved you then you will be heart broken again. He will even raise your kids and live with you while cheating with you on the weekend and if he gets caught he will deny having a relationship with those kids to the other woman to cover his rear end. He is totally unremorseful and does not care who he hurts though he tries to pretend he is caring. He also does not use protection and has the fetish of anal sex and will force it on you even though you don’t want it or like it. He will say you are so fcking sexy and that he just loves your a$$ and that he has to have it. Then he will tell you to fcking kiss him as he is forcing this on you. Then after he will say it was just because you turn him on so much. || This man is a narcissistic sociopath with no regard for anyone but himself. When you break up with him he will stalk you for months coming to your house even though you tell him not to. Most women in his past have had to change their phone numbers and move to get away from him and he will continue to profess his love during this time still continuing to deny he is cheating even while he is still doing it. He sleeps around with a lot of women and with no protection. He seems very legit at first until he don’t get his way then you start to see his ugly side where he can turn on you quickly and tell you to “Fck Off” or tell you that he is going to go fck someone else tonight or some other cruel insult. Then later he apologizes and says he didn’t mean it and that you just make him so mad because he loves you so much and that you are the only woman he has ever loved this way so it is harder for him with you to control his temper. He promises to never do it again, but he will do it over and over and over again every few months. He will call you a bitch, a piece of shit, fake bitch, a c*nt, and many other insults. You will be shocked after all of the love he professes and after all the pleasing he does in the bedroom. He only does this to keep you emotionally preoccupied and drunk with love so that you don’t see what he is doing behind your back. He is a sex addict. He is a total narcissist and will tell you how other woman look at him and always want to fck him or touch his muscles which is not true. He will tell you how many women chase him and want to be in his life when it is him chasing them. And he will not let you in his space or see any of his personal documents or personal business. He will tell you all kinds of things that seem true that are not true when you finally get wise and get a private investigator because he is literally tearing your life apart and yet at the same time he accuses you of cheating when he is the one who has been doing it from day one. || Don’t think you are special. He has done this to every single woman since he was in college or before. I personally know some of them now that we have band together and he WILL DO THIS TO YOU TOO so if you don’t want your heart broken and your life torn apart RUN RUN RUN. This post is not to get even with anyone or to be vindictive as he will say. This is to save even at least one other woman or family from being traumatized from this man. If I would have had something like this in the beginning when I tried to google this man I could have been spared 7 years of pain and anguish on a man that was literally a waste of my time. My children had to see me grieve and cry and be torn apart and the other ladies it was the same. Please find out who this charming man is that you are dealing with . He is NOT who he appears to be this funny charming laid back guy who appears truthful. He IS NOT .

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