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My estranged husband and I split up in October 2014 after I found out his lies of being on Instabang website trying to get laid posting nude pictures of himself. Well one day I noticed a female liking two of my photos of my husband on facebook. Needless to say I sent a message to her on there askiing her why she was on my facebook page liking pictures of my husband. No response she returned. Called my husband after I noticed she was friends with him on facebook. He said he didn’t know who she was regardless that he was friends with her…yeah whatever I was like.Well this week one of my friends on facebook, in which is friends with my husband, sent me a photo( I’ve posted) of a post that he liked the photo of the homewrecker and commented on the photo.Needless to say I sent that worthless girl a message on facebook. She responded to me even being an idiot giving me her phone number….in which was our spare cell phone number. Come to find out my estranged husband has bought her a new cell phone and he ended up disconnecting my cell too. We have a 3 year old and I have filed for divorce….he is getting the adultery charge. || Endless to say my estranged husband has told his homewrecker a bunch of lies saying I treated him wrong. To be honest, when I first met him he didn’t have nothing. The vehicle he is driving is in both our names but he wouldn’t have it if I didn’t pay the down payment. He didn’t have no clothes or furniture when I met him either. So he shift the blame on me telling lies when it’s his own fault we are separated.The homewrecker is known to be attracted to men older than her. She has 2 kids in which she doesn’t take care of. She claims to be going to school and have a job. My opinion, if that were all true she wouldn’t be having a married man buy her a phone and have a cell phone plan with a married man. She have her own cell phone plan. She have her own home too. She claims to go to church. If she really did she wouldn’t be trying to sleep with a married man. || This is the homewrecker’s page on

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