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I was dating this guy for over a year, he was 13 years older than me. We would always go over his best friends house who was a guy, and that guy had a girlfriend. Her name was Tiffany and she was very very very ditsy and was pretending to be my best friend. She bought me dinner, we went to the beach together but I somehow wasn’t fully falling for it.. My boyfriend and her would talk constantly and leave me out of the convo and also they would leave her boyfriend out of the convo, and that’s when I thought something was up… THEN he started giving her rides home from her new job while I was in college studying.. THEN one day I found a Condom in his trash ABE MAZNEKS trash.. I asked him wtf was a full condom with more cum then i have ever seen doing in his trash .. He lied to me and said he was jacking off in it… I just let the topic go , until one day I called him and i was like who are you with? he replied”nobody” I asked him one more time, he then replied TIFFANY.. well I drove my ass right to his house, because I was at my sisters house .. when i got there I ended it good…. NOW everyone thought I was crazy and that he didn’t like Tiffany… GUESS WHAT!!! finds out shes pregnant with his child and now they are married haahhahahaha… || So the overall story is she left her boyfriend who was supporting her fully for her boyfriends best friend… she stabbed us both in the back and made me look like a fool… everyone hates her now and please believe me when I say shes a bitch!!.. ps. I always had the gut feeling they liked each other for a whole f**king year of torture.. Gut feelings are right, no matter how many times they tell you you’re wrong…

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