Tiffany Hoeward Homewrecker aka Porky Pig Virginia


This cVnt bother at this point. She knew my boyfriend and I were together. He had recently left his wife and we met on tinder. We were great I thought atleast. Crazy wild sex weekends away we even made a few videos. Well things were good Until she started showing up at his work. Mind you my ex boyfriend has a knack for checking this girls not the first and I doubt she will be the last. He told me he had a fat girl fetish which every chance he got he had porn up and it’s always extremely fat girls. I didnt mind since I’m a big girl too and that’s just porn. But then this tramp shows up. An fuked him at her tiny a55 security booth. Karmas a b1tch. He will do the same to you if hes done this with every relationship he has had. You both suck!

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By Ronald

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