Tiffany Goode – Homewrecker alert Montana


After being suspicious I did some digging through my husband’s electronics and found he was having an affair with this woman earlier this year. She is married to her husband Brad but lies and claims to be separated, so she not only wrecked my home but maybe her own too. She met my husband on a hookup app. He lied about his marital status and told her he was single. Apparently she had a thing with another married man last summer and got caught once already. This woman seems to be a real piece of work, owned a business that failed, is a major pothead, drinks all the time & would be out partying with my husband and screwing him while he was supposedly working. She’s on every dating site under the sun, and who knows how many guys she’s ran around with. Her and her friend by the name of Kari from what I understand will screw anything with a pulse and a d1ck, they’ve been involved in group sex and orgies. Tiffany sent my husband tons of nudes and I was disgusted, she’s overweight, and has sagging breasts, so gross, I can’t believe my husband ever touched this woman. I was still sleeping with my husband all this time and am freaking out about needing to be tested for DRD’s because he said they never used protection. I wanted to confront her over all of this but was told she carries a concealed weapon all the time and is potentially violent and mentally unstable. Since I can’t confront her, exposing this filthy skank here is the best thing I can do.

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By Ronald

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