Tiffany Denee Turman Farmerville, Louisiana Louisiana


I knew my man had been acting funny. He had gotten some strange phone calls and all of a sudden we were over without any logical reason. Just before our daughters 1st birthday. Of course there was not another woman, that would be completely insane of me to think right? Well, I am a very smart lady and an even better detective. He told me he was going fishing with a friend. But me being me, I had a funny feeling he was messing with this homewrecker. I found out where she lived and drove there, I didn’t see his truck. Well there was a boat dock right up the road. Drove there and his truck was there. I got out and as soon as I did he came driving up with this hooker(in her car). BUSTED. He told me it had been going on for months. || This homewrecker lived with her parents and they took custody of her child. She is a drug addict and an alcoholic. At the time he left me for her, she was on dialysis because she had been shooting up meth and working part time at TACO BELL! I just laughed because I have an education, great job, along with my own house and car. Plus I have custody of my children. Needless to say, after he woke from the drug induced haze…He was begging to come back home! He who laughs last, laughs loudest!

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