Tidewater Express, Inc. Review


The city of chesapeake virginia needs to come over to the three tidewater shops in chesapeake and check out all the electrical work and other work tidewater express did during the summer and fall of 2015 to both location. Electrical work that was completed was never inspected by the city of chesapeake, no permits were applied for. Osha and the fmca should stop by and review all the drivers hours for the last 3 to 4 years and see how many of us drivers worked over 14 hours per day including cdl drivers as other drivers. Osha should inspect all the shops both in hampton chesapeake and va beach for all the safety violations like poor equipment unsafe equipement and electrical hazards, inspect the tow trucks that are being used at the tunnels and bridges that thousand of people go thru every day. Fmca and vdot needs check out the drug and alcohol program its not running fair for wrecker drivers and people in the job. People in the shop get hurt and their supervisor tells them they need to go get a drug screen and the employee tells his supervisor that he won’t pass and the employee goes to his own doctor and states he got hurt at home and the supervisor lets him get away with it. Or another employee gets mad and kicks the bathroom door and another indivdual is standing behind the door and gets hurt very bad he is taken to the doctor and treated, the individual that kicked the door in didn’t get sent to the drug screen place to get tested for drugs or alcohol he only got talked to by the hr person and the owner and was put on 6 months probation and had to pay the medical bills and his hourly wages while he was out. Oh they were production people not tow truck drivers. the company lays people and tells them when times get better they will be called back to work, two weeks later they have an add on facebook looking to fill that position. not a good place to work if your a minority or veteran.


  • Name: Tidewater Express, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Virginia
  • City: Chesapeake
  • Address: 924 Cavalier Blvd.
  • Phone: (757) 487-2925
  • Website: www.tidewaterexpressinc.com/

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