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Tickets 4 Tonight discriminates against future employees. nA friend of mine works for this agency selling tickets for future shows. He directed me to the corprate office to apply. I applied and got an interview that day. I was told after the interview that they were intrested in me but would begin hiring again in the next few weeks. I checked back every few days. I was told finally after 2 weeks of calling that i wouldnt be hired based on my schudule. I worked a fulltime job from 11pm to 7am. I was told during the interview that the hours for the job are 9am to 5pm.Those hours wouldnt conflict with my night job. Well finally after getting someone on the phone i was told they didnt accomidate people with second jobs. They knew during the interview I had a second job and chose to interview me. We further investigation i found out there are several tickets 4 tonight employees that have second jobs. They declined my application based on my character. I was told I couldnt handle 2 jobs. Ive been working 2 jobs for years they have no idea what i can handle. Instead of being upfront in the interview they chose to lie to me and tell me they were intrested. I got the run around until i caught them in their lies. I can probley bet how they treat their guest too.

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