Ticket Network Plymouth Michigan Review


Ticket Network, owned by Donald Vaccaro, is a sleazy company that enables other sleazy ticket brokers to scam unsuspecting people. They have been investigated by the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut, and have active complaints with that agency at this time. Tickets Plus, which is owned by Donald Vaccaro has an F rating with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau.They have websites that look exactly the official websites of the venue that you have done an inmternet search for. Once at that website, they count on the unsuspecting person to believe that they are at the official venue website, and trust that site. This is what happened to my girlfriend. She thought she was at a website she could trust because they make it look “official””

so she didn’t read the “”fine print”” disclaimer. Once she purchased her tickets

she received an invoice from a company she never heard from (tickets plus) and realized she had been scammed. Within 1 hour of the transaction

and before her credit card had even been charged

she contacted them with her concerns about the F rating with the BBB

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