Thunder Valley Casino Resort Review


I play here 3 times a week it’s a fun place to play and I reccomend going however this place is very greedy with the only goal in mind for them is to make you lose and enjoy yourself. In other words you can’t win here on slot machines they pay about 45% or less… This is an unregulated casino with fair table games,poker,video poker but not slot machines they need to be investigated. Lotto tickets pay out about the same 50% they change the virtual rng for less big hits no jackpots but still the smae payout%. There are less and less quarter and dollar slots and more penny 5 cent machines making it almost impossible to win. people do win here but your chances are abysmal. In Vegas and reno your gettting 95% payback on slots here your getting illegal in most jurditicrtaions 40%=75% 95% just a mix overall your not getting a fair game here. The video poker paytables are set as low as the legal minimum wich is 7/5 but pays out still a respectable 96%. .

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By Ronald

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