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Complaint: Family visiting New Zealand for the Rugby World cup last year. Went for a meal at the ‘Three Seas’ resaurant and odered the fish dish. Cost of dish was $27 and consisted of a fillet of fish which was cut in half with 2 sclices of tomato placed under it. I thought there had been a mistake made and asked the waiter if it was indeed a mistake. He very abrubtly told me that “no

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Address: this is what you pay for that size of fish””: I pointed out that it wasn’t even a complete piece of fish and it had been very obviously cut in half. He just grunted and walked away. This was not only a very rude service to receive but it was also a very over priced half piece of fish fillet. I’m not sure if they were over priced and under supplying as we were tourists however it certainly puts you off wanting to go back if you feel that people are taking advantage of tourists being in their country. The fish was hoki which is a common fish in New Zealand – and cheap”


Phone: central Wellington city Wellington, Select State/Province United States of America

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