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My story is similar to the others here on Ripoff Scams. I sent in a bag of clothes that where in like new condition and of good name brands. Out of about 20 items they accepted 2 and claim that the rest were to worn, had stains or was pilling etc. ThredUp does not return unaccepted items so count it as a loss. They have no proof that they actually sent your items to a charity it is just their word against your loss. The items they give you credit for are not the items of most value. nAs a purchasing consumer the quality is not that great either. We bought a zip-up knitted Gymboree sweater for our daughter, which was faded and not worth the full price they where selling it for ($16). As a new customer we got $10 off our first purchase and it ended up being $6 (it’s real worth for the condition). I will NEVER use this business again. I could have given this clothes to my local consignment and received more for my efforts. What a Ripoff!.

580 Market St 4th Floor San Francisco, California United States of America

(617) 575-9676

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By Ronald

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