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I applied to a company on Indeed called TFS. They contacted me by email to confirm a job interview. I called them because in the job description it does not state what the company does. It was not until I arrived for the interview they said they are a marketing company. I applied for a customer service position. I was offered a sales person as a member and the office manager told me as a member I am not an employee of TFS. It wasn’t a personal interview. She was pitching to me and 2 other people to sell in the street. She wanted people to sign up to Josco and she said as a member I would work my way up to an owner and make a lot of money in just a week. When I asked her the difference between an employee and a member she said "A 1099 form". She wasn’t clear and it’s not what I signed up for. I stood up and told her I am not interested. I would like my application back. She said "I am trying to educate you" and she told me I couldn’t have back my application. I asked for a copy. She told me to wait outside. After I waited she gave me a copy. While I waited there I noticed there no business license on the wall and there was a bunch of wells fargo documents piled up in the office. She mention nothing about wells fargo. It is clearly a scam. Below is the job description I applied for:Full-time, CommissionWe are looking for a Full-Time Account Representative to start working immediately. We are holding interviews for this position and looking to hire ASAP.Employment Type: Full time only. Long Term.Company Location: Journal Square, Jersey CityCompany Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 11:30AM-8:30 PM & Saturday 10AM-5PMEmployment Position: Account Representative (Customer Service duties)We are looking to add to our customer service representative teams to insure the quality of our services is always the best. You will be verifying account holder’s information, processing updates and changes to accounts, filling out important paperwork, and answering all of customer’s questions to keep all customers satisfied and educated.Benefits of working with our team include a WEEKLY base salary plus the availability of commissions and bonuses TBD during your interviewYou must be 18+ years old to apply. You MUST be responsible, professional, detail oriented, punctual and possess a welcoming attitude. If hired, you will begin training at your earliest availability to begin working immediately.To apply and schedule an interview, submit your resume or call Tiana ASAP at (201)989-5994.Job Type: Full-time

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