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To make a long story short i hired them for a move September 1st, they packed up my house just fine but then when they got to my new house just left everything in my living room still shrink wrapped. None of my furniture was put back together either. To top it all off their moves robbed me. They stole a safe, a watch, and 4 boxes of new shoes. My total loss on the property they stole was 1500. I called and texted them all night. Finally got a response hours later and was told sorry cant talk, just text. Explained the whole situation and was told he’d look into it. 2 months go by and nothing. They stop returning my calls, wont answer email or texts. Not once during this whole time did the owner reach out to me. | To get a response out of them i had to file a complaint with the BBB and also put reviews all over the internet, then all the sudden they cared about my situation. Finally an office manager reached out to me and said they would be willing to settle my claim as long as i signed an agreement that i would take all the bad reviews off the websites and inform the BBB that my case was satisfied. Mid November they tell me that i’m going to receive 450 dollar settlement check. I accept this amount because i just want to be done with this horrible company. They told me the check will be sent out December 1. December 11th is today and still no check. Apparently it got “lost in the mail.” Once again they are back to not returning calls and ignoring emails. Stay far far away from this company if you cherish your belongings.


  • Name: Thoughtful Moving
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Lauderdale
  • Address: 2466 SW 7th St
  • Phone: 888-601-2341
  • Website:

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