Thora Nang (Joann Vu) – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This homewrecking hooker destroyed my friends marriage and has the nerve to come back to philly from LA. She knew he was married with a baby.This prostitute former failed Porn Star wanna be gave zero f*cks. He’s gotta thing for Asians and contacted her from one of her hooker ads wanting to “get kinky”. And yeah he told my friends (she was his wife) eeeeevrything…… supposedly these fetish peeps arent supposed to sleep with their clients but Joann Vu (Thora Nang / Cheryl Lynn Khan) slept with my friends husband ON THE CLOCK during one of their “appointments”. She slimed into leaving his wife who was going thru a lot of stuff and couldn’t be intimate as much and leave his baby to. He followed this hooker back to LA and didn’t want her turning tricks anymore, so guess what he did for his Porno D list gal? He PAID her to remain in the relationship as a paid companiion. So yes he still paid her for sex every week until he finally got tired of her stupid annoying sick a**. And yeah those days in the porn industry took quite a toll on Miss Thora Nang- Cheryl Lynn Kahn- (real name Joann Vu. Ya, he’s at fault to but she talked him into leaving my friend and their baby. staright up manipulated him and wrecked a family FOR MONEY! And this slore has the nerve to come back here to the PHilly Area?! Apparently shes working at a brothel place called Destinys Chamber on Vine ST in Philadelphia everyone go tell this woman what a POS she is!

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By Ronald

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