Thomas (Tommy) Chadick – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Men


My wife and I had been together for 8.5 years and had only been married about 6-7 weeks when this ass entered our life as she stared a new job with the local hospital. This person who was then and is still married with 2 young girls, prayed on my wife’s fears and insecurities about life, herself, our relationship, and the fact I worked long hours overnight, weekends and holidays to convince her that I didn’t love her. By her own admission he is a liar, a manipulator, and only cares to hurts other to deal with his own issues. The man began very quickly calling her baby, and that she was now his wife and called her by his last name name, demanded photos and dirty talk even while working together, got/took a key to our home, and was in our home when neither of us was around. While she is responsible for giving in, he treated her as a piece of cattle or a small child and only took and took and took and she never knew how or had the ability to fight back because he convinced her she couldn’t and was nearly worthless and no one else would care for her if she didn’t give in. This person is in the middle of 4 court cases, can barely keep his head above water, no education, and has very backwards beliefs about a “Woman’s Place” and minorities. His goal was to convince a married educated professional woman to settle for less and was only good enough for a job at 7-11 or Wal-mart to get by. Instead of lifting her up his goal was to bring her down to his level or lower. Yet also strung her along about getting a home, living together, or leaving his wife and never even beginning to do any of it. Then tried to play my wife off to his young girls that she was now mommy. He would then ignore her for days/weeks/ or even a month at a time with stories and lines about why he couldn’t give her the time of day. All the while playing the same games on other women. PLEASE expose this vile disgusting excuse of a “man” for what he is before more people and families are hurt only for his sick games and pleasures. This is not a man, its a monster!!!!!!!!

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By Ronald

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